50plus Hellas

A non-profit organization founded in 2005, 50plus Hellas is the first national organization concerned with the rights of people over the age of 50 in Greece and with their quality of life. It focuses on the need for developing comprehensive and coherent national policy and applying concrete measures for supporting older people in Greece, where national policy on ageing remains a non-developed area.

Its members work at national and European levels through programmes, projects and actions for:

➔ Improvements in physical, social and mental health (4F for Silver Safety)

➔ Promoting the development of integrated long-term care and the support of informal carers (INTERLINKS, EUROFAMCARE, Helpcare)

➔ Supporting the Human Rights of all older people, including non-discrimination, and with due concern for the rights of the vulnerable and poor (EUSTACIA, WeDO)

➔ Promoting social participation and self organization without gender or age discrimination – (SEELERNETZ, TravelAgents)

➔ Participation in training and employment and access to lifelong learning focusing on new technologies (The Knowledge Volunteers (TKV), LEAGE, FORAGE, Access to the Digital World, Deixtous)

➔ Support for adequate pensions and the fight against poverty